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Together, we prosper ! Find a good stage, we work hard and shine like stars!

Train and practice to be better agents!

Words from Team Leader Cindy Xin Liu

From my own experience by working with many other real estate companies and brokers, I know how important to have a strong team available there in the agents' back for their success. I have been through the tough process from a newbie who always has other's cold eye to a fast paste one man shop who almost burn out. Many times, I want to give up this case-driven life but I stayed because of the luck to meet the right people at the right time. Some times, it might be just one piece of words from my co-worker which helped me out. One important reason motivate me to be a broker is I want to build and have a better team to help others be successful more easily than myself.

Real estate and mortgage services is a highly competitive career with its traditional roots. It's very hard to always stay at top by yourself. Many times, when you feel frustrate and do not know what to do, you want someone to help you out and always encourage you be stronger, more passionate, more aggressive, more patient and more professional. I have seen many new agents disappeared after 1 or 2 years and I have also seen a lot of top producers lose their momentum. No matter you are a new agent or experienced agent, I hope our system to help you become to the next level agent.

We are hiring:

  • Experienced or New Real Estate & Loan Agents

  • Experienced Contractor loan processor

Our Team is faster growing and expanding.

Contact us for a personal interview and we are looking forward to having you in our Team!

Working with us and:

- Close more deals in both real estate and loan Transactions.

You can do both at Starriver Inc. You will be trained and supported in both sides. You can increase customer satisfaction by  providing customer one stop service for real estate and mortgage.  .

- Cover larger real estate territory in Northern California, we are associated with:

- Become a highly-completive loan agent! We are Proven Best Rate and Fee Combo provider in market!

You will:

  • Never afraid your rate is not competitive enough and afraid you are short of support.

  • Never afraid of difficult and complicated transactions.

  • Never afraid your loan won't be close because there is no one is behind to support you

  • Have more source of funding and more competitive rate. We are approved mortgage broker by many small or big wholesale lenders such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US bank, Amtrust, Provident funding,  etc and small unknown lenders like Pinnacle, First California Mortgage, Stewart investments etc. For a more detailed approved list, click our approved lenders.

  • Enjoy regular training and know more niche products and guidelines.

  • Enjoy faster service and extra bonus from lender due to our  high quality and volume loans. We have been tire 1 broker for many lenders.

  • Enjoy better lender's accounting executive's support because we bring more valuable sale to them and they care us more.

- Work and challenged by Top producers and Mentors to become a more capable agent.

  • Stimulated by their star performance

  • Fast learn from their success, share their experience and advice

  • Enjoy group benefits from large transaction volume and gain local recognition.

  • Push yourself by higher stands to stay more competitive in service.

  • Learn their sales and time management skill and share their information and market views. 

- Enjoy benefits from strong local networking , connections and college recognition. New teammates will enjoy the benefit from strong local relationships that we accumulated through years by producing more successful transactions.

- Touch most up to date hardware and software tools. We use a lot of new technology, tools and software to help us stay at the edge and become more efficient and informative.

- Enjoy Full time team support. You won't be a one man shop any more. You will have office assistant to provide team support.

- Low broker fee and high commission split (based on performance). Our logic is help agent earn more then we win together. 

- Faster check split: we will sent your check online to your home address.