Thanks for the time and efforts contributed by our dearest friend and customers. We wish through their mouth, you can get some idea about our service. We'd  like to be a reliable and trustworthy professional resource to help you on your real estate and mortgage needs. Please never hesitate to contact us for any things.

"When you start to talk with Cindy Xin, you know she can help. She is so familiar with local market. She find us a home exactly what we want and she find us a good loan as well. With her help, finding a home is not a headache any more. "

- By Mike, San Jose


"We are first time home buyers and we are short of experience. It's a big commitment to make and we want to have some expert to help. We looked as many as open houses we can and do a lot of time costly research but we finally realized it doesn't work. We feel so frustrated and even ready to quit. But our friend referred Cindy Xin and she quickly help us find a deal! Now we really enjoy our home and thanks for her great work!  : )"

- By Carey & Joseph, Sunnyvale

"I called Cindy Xin when I heard her name from my co-worker. Then I found she has the best rate among all my quotes. Also she suggest me to restructure my loan which saved me more money. I think she is really fast in everything: fast mind, fast talking and fast processing. She closed my loan within 15 days and it's really a great Experience to work with her!"

- By James, Fremont

"Awesome! This was our third time refinance through Cindy Xin and we are so glad she always notice us automatically for the lower rate. With Cindy Xin's convenient help, we never miss any rate drop even we haven't watch the market for a while. Highly recommend her service to everyone!"

- By Judy & John, San Jose

"I'm a real estate investor and I buy and sell frequently. Cindy Xin is my one stop shop for all real estate and mortgage needs. She know both real estate and loan very well. She is so handy to have. I think I will keep on working with her and highly recommend her to anyone. "

- By Charlie, Palo Alto

"Cindy Xin have bought and sold couple of properties for us which include our duplex, 4plex and a single family home. Cindy Xin really know what she is doing and know fits her client best. So far we have made over 400k in profit by her help. Even both of us have full time job but a good hand really makes the difference. "

-By Alan and Angle, San Jose

"I'm a realtor and I  have worked with Cindy Xin for many year together. I used to worry about the loan of my client but with Cindy Xin's help, now I can focus more on my real estate part and be more productive! "

-By Jessica, San Ramon