Top Rated Public Schools in California Bay Area  

Here listed some most sought after public school in California Bay Area for your reference. For more information, please don't hesitated to contact us. We can send you the information as you need ASAP.

School Boundary Maps

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Most Popular High Schools in the Bay Area

  • Evergreen Valley High School is a jewelry in East-South San Jose. It has many newer facilities and equipments. Home nearby are either old or new. Newer home is very hot nearby which are normally 3000+sqft, less than 10yrs old with price around 1M+. The disadvantage is the traffic in high way 101 and 87 is very bad during the rush hour. 
  • Lynbrook High School is located in San Jose, CA. Its location is in the border of  San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell, and Saratoga.  Therefore, it serves the students from all 4 cities.  It was ranked #178 by Newsweek.
  • Monte Vista High School is highly academic and competitive. It was ranked number 57 in the 1000 top public high school by Newsweek in 2005.  It's located in Cupertino city, where the average home size of 1800sq.ft, costs well over a million, age varies from new to 50yrs old.
  • Mission San Jose High is located in East Bay Fremont Area. It was ranked #195 by Newsweek. It's along Mission Street which cross through the city of Fremont. Single family home starts from 700k+ to over a million. Hunter lane area has many over-sized executive class homes over 3000-4000sqft which normally priced over 1.7M.
  • Saratoga High School is located in Saratoga. Saratoga has many matured trees which makes the area looks very peaceful and old charming. Most home there has over 10,000sqft lot which makes the street and home looks less crowed. Saratoga elementary school is also among the top with price sold over 1.5M. 
  • Gunn High School is located in the city of Palo Alto. It was ranked #70 by Newsweek in 2005.
  • Palo Altos High School
  • Menlo - Atherton High School
  • Los Gatos High School
  • Piedmont Hills High School
  • Pleasanton High School:
  • San Ramon high School:

IPopular Elementary Schools in the Bay Area

  • Ruskin elementary is one of the distinguished schools.  It's considered to be the best in the Berryessa School District. Beside Ruskin elementary, the elementary schools in the Evergreen area are also very good.  You should check them out.
  • Los Altos Unified
  • Palo Alto Unified
  • Menlo Park
  • Red wood shore